Welcome to TIM Tegerntool!

We are your reliable and professional partner in all things regarding pneumatic tube systems and installation work.

Flexibility, swiftness and integrity in all fields of application count among our greatest virtues. Our competence and technical versatility are speaking as much in our favour as our good relations with installers and skilled technicians, allowing us to build teams matching the individual requirements of your project perfectly.

It is our objective to swiftly and dependably assemble a team of competent and experienced technicians exactly as and when you need it. Regarding the individual realisation of your project, quality and accuracy are our top priorities. A proper and professional performance as well as the compliance with health and safety measures on the construction site are of prime importance to us. Beyond that we are ready to undertake any tasks from the fields of planning and construction management.

Following a long-lasting and excellent cooperation, Andreas Eisele and Alexander Heim established TIM Tegerntool as a merger of two successful individual enterprises. Based at Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria, TIM Tegerntool is internationally active and looking back on a long list of projects and references in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.

You are currently facing a project that you are not able to handle on your own? We’ll provide you with the ideal, custom-made solution.